Makena Medical


Environs, working in collaboration with the project Architect and the owner developed the site plan + features. The walls, paving and site features all complement and respect the design and layout of the building architecture. A refined plant palette of Olives, Peppers + Palms with specimen Agaves and mass plantings of ornamental grasses, Rosemary + iceplant provide a dramatic landscape with very low maintenance and water conservation. The property irrigation is facilitated by reclaimed water which reduces the projects demand for potable water.

Outdoor use areas and connections to local + regional trail networks provide egress to the passive + active recreational activities located on site + directly adjacent to the building + business park.


Complete design + oversight of the project site improvements including concept design, design development, construction documents, specimen plant sourcing + tagging, site observation and maintenance specifications.


Elegant, beautiful and efficient landscape for this building complex.