Discovery Center


The demolition of a former manufacturing facility on a 45 acre site allowed for the redevelopment of a new 4 building corporate campus centered around ‘The Commons’ and the parking facilities. The project program required completing the grounds and facilities with a restricted budget – to allow for the long term vision + quality to be realized by the growth + establishment of the landscape over the establishment period.

The site soil conditions compounded the challenges with near zero infiltration rates. The project proposal was the selection + use of desert trees and plant types to thrive in low water / hot exposure conditions. The result was an effective landscape identity for the campus with a simple + elegant plant palette that requires minimal water + maintenance.


Complete design + oversight of the project site improvements including concept design, design development, construction documents, specimen plant sourcing + tagging, site observation and maintenance specifications.


A project concept + implementation that incorporated the current focus on sustainability and water conservation in the design before these became mandatory, saving the project from having to undergo an extensive / expensive landscape renovation.