Rambla de las Flores


The design and implementation of a Ronchetti designed residence in Rancho Santa Fe. The property was a 4.0 acre undeveloped parcel in western Rancho Santa Fe – a mix of native vegetation and Eucalyptus groves existing on site with a sloping topography to the east. The site development program specified a 8,000 square foot residence, stable and corrals and compliance with the numerous requirements typical for a project located within the covenant of RSF. The owners requested a Cabo San Lucas style resort landscape palette for the areas immediately surrounding the residence and pool areas – Date Palms, Bougainvillea, Aloes, Agaves, ornamental grasses and flowering ground covers.

The sloping meadow between the residence and the stable / corral was designed to reinforce the line + form of the of the architecture and site features. Groupings of California Sycamores + Peppers in an expanse of grasses, wildflowers and meadow plants provide a transition from ornamental landscape to the remaining Eucalyptus groves and native habitat.


Complete design + oversight of the project site improvements including concept design, design development, construction documents, specimen plant sourcing + tagging, site observation and maintenance specifications.


A contemporary home with a landscape that complements the architecture, that also blends into the rustic topography and landscapes of Rancho Santa Fe.