Tiny Homes – A New Community Concept

DECEMBER 2015  /  San Diego, CA

Environs was given the opportunity to conceptualize + design a new type of community for a client – the project being a community of tiny homes on a 4.0 acre site.  The concept is to create a new community where communal facilities are the centerpiece including a store, coffee bar, yoga / exercise studio + community gardens.   The project site plan retains / infiltrates / captures all water on site for healthy soils and treatment / re-use in the gardens + landscape.  Edibles in the landscape – fruit, citrus, herbs + vegetables would be a primary component of the landscape design.  The warehouse would be the location of where the office / design studio / fabrication of the homes would occur.  There are approximately 50 home sites at an average of 2,000 square feet in size.  The homes are proposed to be on there own frames + wheels, so owning + relocation is easily facilitated.  Each parcel has a carport with a solar array for electrical generation and the egress / circulation is designed to facilitate the movement of these structures.  The concept of small space homes + properties can be a great benefit to people who prefer a simpler life style or are looking to own their own home without the substantial upfront and continuous costs associated with real estate in the San Diego market.

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