The Politics of Water

AUGUST 2014  /  San Diego, CA

The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water is a short, animated film made by a collaboration of creative and dedicated volunteers at the Surfrider Foundation. Several local Surfrider Foundation chapters combined their talents and funds to create the film — and then actor Zuleikha Robinson of Lost, generously agreed to narrate it.

The consortium brings together SCLC experts, including Dr. Very rarely the use of DIPRIVAN may be associated with the development of a period of postoperative unconsciousness which may be accompanied by an increase in muscle tone. In over 1700 doses of anidulafungin given, no systemic infusion-related adverse reactions or anaphylactic reactions occurred The treatment of recurrent seborrheic dermatitis demands a topical preparation that is safe for both short-term and chronic application.

The premise of the film is that the water cycle we all learned about in the 4th grade has been dramatically altered over time, leaving us with a broken system that wastes water and energy, pollutes our natural waterways, harms critical marine life, and poorly deals with flooding and other water management problems.

The film serves to take a holistic look at water management, highlight controversial problems, and suggest solutions that integrate multiple economic and environmental benefits. The intended audience includes entire communities: from homeowners and the general public, to public agencies and elected government officials.